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How To Order


How to order?


May Wishes Florist can give you a happy experience for online shopping.

Ordering our products, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process.


1) Click on the product you are interested,fill in the message card details and pick the delivery date.

2) Click 'ADD TO CART'or 'BUY NOW'.






4) Click 'SIGN UP' if you are a new user in our website.



Then it brings you to the page, you can fill up your email and password to done register.

5) Fill in the ''SHIPPING DETAILS'', make sure the details are correct.                          


6)Then ''CHOOSE THE SHIPPING METHOD'' and click ''CONTINUE''. In necessary, you can give us a remark.



7) Choose the ''PAYMENT METHOD'' iPAY88 Payment Gateway or Instant Bank Transfer to proceed your order. And you're done to submit your order.

8) For all CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS, kindly choose iPay88 payment gateway and click on the CREDIT/DEBIT OPTIONS.

    -  You can click on the link to know more details : https://www.maywishes.com.my/payment-info



- Bank Transfer

- Online Banking Via iPay88 






As always, Happy Shopping. Thanks!